Asymmetric print catsuit "Modern Punk" - Senora Pasion Handmade

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This catsuit is extravagantly cut and is pleasantly close to the body.

The very stretchy material offers good wearing comfort and is available in a small selection of colors.
The catsuit has a V-neck at the front. In it are two decorative bands, which are decorated with eyelet shapes. On the left side there is a sleeve cut to the wrist, while the right side is lined around the arm ball. Mirrored for this purpose, the legs are processed, that is, the long leg is on the right side and the left side waist is cut out high and lined and runs similarly to the buttocks string. Here, too, as in the décolleté, rubberized decorative ribbons are bordered with decoratively attached eyelets. They contribute both to the extravagant look, as well as to a stable hold during movement. In the crotch, a push-button band is attached, which runs diagonally through the leg. The complete length can be opened, which makes it easier to put on and take off. The flocked areas are accentuated in English seams in the front part. In addition, there is also a diagonal insert in the leg, which connects to the upper area. This results in a harmonious course in the overall picture. The print consists of freehand cut long, straight strips that are not parallel to each other. They are individually laid out and thus form an asymmetrical grid pattern. Thus, no catsuit is like the other, since the widths, lengths and position of the stripes always changes.

The fabric is manually processed in our manufactory, which means that the flocked material is applied individually for each part. The print is always black.

Please note the different fabric inserts. For the main color in the variations, select the larger areas, for the accent color only the front middle part and the insert with upper step in the leg. The flocked area is always the same.
The model in the photo contains the combination main color: black and accent color: black - silver glitter.

The model wears underwear here. Without it, the step is completely transparent.

Material composition: 80% nylon / 20% polyester
Like all Senora Pasion products, this article is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufactory and thus offer you special productions on request.


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