Print Catsuit "Autumn Wind" with Deep Back - Senora Pasion Handmade

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This catsuit is cleverly cut and is comfortable on the body.

The very stretchy material offers good wearing comfort and is available in a small selection of colors.
While the catsuit is closed high in front, the back cutout runs swinging to over the buttocks. The neckline is lined with a narrow edgable rubber, which ensures a stable fit. The sleeves are curled over the entire arm ball, whereby the sleeve rises slightly and creates multi-width on the upper arm. They seem slightly playful, but result in the overall picture a noble conclusion. In addition, they have double-layered cuffs over which the sleeve is easy. The legs are used with slightly elevated seams, which are additionally quilted for a calm and smooth look.
The print of the catsuit runs from the chest curved over the belly and continues in the leg to the buttocks. The print consists of ever-changing, asymmetrical forms. These are freely cut and randomly arranged, creating a constantly changing pattern. So each catsuit is unique, whereby the style is always the same. Inspired by the autumn wind, no other form is the same here, just as no leaf looks like another. They are arranged inspired by the wind and glide elegantly over the female curves.

The fabric is manually processed in our manufactory, which means that the flocked material is applied individually for each part. The print is always black.

Material composition: 80% nylon / 20% polyester
Like all Senora Pasion products, this article is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufactory and thus offer you special productions on request.


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