Long Sleeve Printbody "Diamond" with Puff Sleeves - Senora Pasion Handmade

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This body is highly closed and lies comfortably on the body.

The very stretchy material offers good wearing comfort and is available in a small selection of colors.
The body is high closed and has an elevated, tapering leg cutout. The sleeves are designed as so-called puff sleeves. They contain folds in the arm ball, which slightly lift the sleeve and give it more width in the upper arm. All outer edges are lined with a soft edgable rubber. In the front step, three dainty push buttons are incorporated, whereby the body can be comfortably put on and taken off. The print is diamond inspired and is stylized. The patterning goes from the front over the chest, through the crotch and over the buttocks. The print is incorporated in three sizes, so that a harmonious play of form is available.

The fabric is manually processed in our manufactory, which means that the flocked material is applied individually for each part. The print is always black.

The model wears a string here, which makes the step even more opaque.

Material composition: 80% nylon / 20% polyester
Like all Senora Pasion products, this article is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufactory and thus offer you special productions on request.


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