Lacquer/Lace Halter Strap Shirt with Lacing - Fetico Handmade Noir/White

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This strap shirt is a composition of lacquer and lace and is comfortable on the body.

The very stretchable material offers a good wearing comfort and is only available in black and white due to the material combination.
The suspender has lace cups in the upper part, which provide the perfect first glimpse and keep the chest very well through an existing shoulder eye. The top has a refined cut, with the seams running diagonally through the model to make the body look narrower. Paint and lace were used alternately. The front center piece is cut downwards pointedly. Eyelets are incorporated into the adjacent lacquer, through which a narrow, silky shiny atlas tape is threaded. The lacing is done over the front centerpiece. The back part is almost completely made of varnish, the front inserted lace pieces run continuously to the back center. The strap holders are incorporated into the upper part, but due to the elastic material they can still be adapted to the height and stocking length.
In our shop you will also find a long-sleeved version.

Material composition: 90% polyester / 10% elastane
Like all Fetico products, this item is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufacturer and offer you special productions on demand.


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