Lacquer strapholder - Fetico Handmade

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This strap holder is tightly cut and lies comfortably on the body.

The very stretchable material offers good wearing comfort and is available in a small colour selection.
The strap holder is made of lacquer, which is covered with mesh. In the rear middle there is a hook fastener, this is not adjustable. In the top edge there is also a narrow rubber waistband, which offers additional support.
The straps are encased and adjustable. They consist of silky shiny atlas tape, which is fine but stable. Whether these should be decorated with clippers or sliders, you decide in the variations.
The main color of the product is the paint, with the accent color you determine the mesh.

Material composition: 95% polyamide / 5% elastane
Material composition: 2% nylon / 98% viscose
Like all Fetico products, this item is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufacturer and offer you special productions on demand.


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