Lacquer Ribbon String with Eyelets - Fetico Handmade

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This lacquer string is refined and lies comfortable on the body.

The very stretchable material offers good wearing comfort and is available in a wide range of colours.
The thong has several rubberized bands in the hip and a chain that is attached behind the wrap in the crotch and then runs up in the middle of the buttocks, where it can be tied with a simple loop of silky shiny atlas tape. This is how it can be solved with a simple handle. You can choose between three different chains, a silver rhinestone chain with a black frame (see, 0.3cm), a narrow string of pearls (diameter 0.3cm) and a wide chain of 0.5cm. You can easily select this in the variations.
In the front center is a small eyelet, whereby the bands are held together. The thong is cut slightly narrower in the front area than classic underwear and runs "pointed" to the eyelet.

Material composition: 90% polyester / 10% elastane
Like all Fetico products, this item is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufacturer and offer you special productions on demand.


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