Paint Hand tulip / Armtulpe with finger strap - Fetico Handmade

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is sewn after order, approx. one week delivery time.

These lacquer hand warmers are tightly cut and lie comfortably on the arm.

The very stretchable material offers good wearing comfort and is available in a wide range of colours.
The hand cuffs start on the back of the hand and end under the elbow. The seam is like a classic sleeve on the inside of the arm. The finger loop is made of NOT elastic atlas band, which is why the loop must be pulled over the finger when tightening. Since the band is very narrow, is still very pleasant around the finger. Please note that you should choose a color other than black or white, that the finger loop is only present in these colors. You can easily communicate your colour request to us with a message. If you don't make a choice, the colors red, pink and gold are made with a black and the color silver with a white loop.

Material composition: 90% polyester / 10% elastane
Like all Fetico products, this item is "Handmade in Germany".
In addition, we are our own manufacturer and offer you special productions on demand.

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